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Paul B. Leighton

paul-leighton2.jpgPaul B. Leighton has been drawing or painting for most of his life. He is the creative director for a graphic design and web development firm, and has always been fascinated with the fine arts. During the last few years, that fascination led him to focus on painting with oils.

He enjoys painting various subjects, but he is most interested in landscapes. his long-term goal is to continue to try to capture some of the wonder and natural beauty of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. Leighton has painted commissioned works for many clients, and his work has been shown at the High Desert Museum, The Mirror Pond Gallery and art exhibits arround Bend.

Paul is an avid outdoor enthusiast and brings his love of the outdoors into all his creations. He has developed many styles of painting from his illustrations to amazing fine art with animals, scenes and special subjects.